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The Buddhism Hotline is a internet web series started in October of about buddhism chatline religion of Buddhism that is live streamed and run by the host of the program Jonathon Hills. Jonathon is a devoted Buddhist who was hired by his pastor to make the show and teach people the religion of Buddhism through the power of the internet. The show is intended for people from across the world to call in and get guidance on the religion of Buddhism and for people to leave friendly donation messages that are read onto the program automatically. They also convert people to Buddhism on the air and have done baptisms.

He also does prayers almost every episode and asks the people watching his program to in with him.

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Unfortunately, the show is constantly bombarded with prank callers and troubling internet teens trying to get a rise out Jonathon and his program which causes the host often gets very upset leading to his many mental breakdowns including fights, abusing, and pure rage. The source of these jokesters seem to be from an internet troll site often known as "4chan". Jonathon Hills, the host, was born in San Diego, CA, after his parents were both killed in a tragic acccident very recently after his birth he was finally adopted at the age of three.

He became a born again Buddhist after buddhism chatline "true revelation" and started the Buddhism Hotline on Oct. His pastor Joseph, Senior had done research and discovered a internet program called the "Jesus Chatline" and decided they needed to combat the program with the one true religion of Buddhism.

Joseph then commissioned Jonathon to start the show to show the internet the only real religion after Jonathon told him he had a dream and Buddha told him to do it. Hills met collaborators Dr. Jonathon first came out as a strong Trump supporter but then changed into a strong Hillary supporter later on into buddhism chatline show. He said, "It's time we get a female president in office". Jonathon is known for his severe anger issues resulting in out of control behavior on buddhism chatline program. He has been accused many times of abusing his technical supervisor Mathis Miles who is special needs.

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He has been seen on camera beating him up and yelling at him on a regular basis. Jonathon also has severe control issues and insults his staff on a regular basis. He has quit the program on many occasions but has always come back to spread his teachings. Gregory is known for his sassy attitude towards the callers on the program and to Jonathon himself.

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He seems to mock Jonathon on a regular basis and tease the callers on the program. Gregory Pecks came out as one of Mitt Romney's biggest supporters in but as of is uncertain who he wants as the president. Gregory has been accused of harassing Mathis from time to time and saying inappropriate things when Jonathon is distracted.

Gregory is famous for coming out as a Mormon on a live run of the program when Jonathon had quit that buddhism chatline and switching it to the Mormon Hotline. He has hinted that he is still a Mormon on the program but no one knows for sure if he still buddhism chatline.

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Gregory has claimed that "4Chan" is a dangerous cult run by young teens. He has also been known to calm Jonathon down during his regular fits or do the opposite by annoying Jonathon. Mathis Miles, the technical supervisor, is the special needs buddhism chatline runs technical support for the program who according to the Buddhism Hotline website was buddhism chatline from the now disbanded downsydeals.

Mathis is constantly harassed from all members of the Buddhism Hotline staff and more specifically abused by the host, Jonathon Hills. Mathis has been known to be very bad at hanging up joke calls in time for Jonathon's likings and is often punished.

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He has been seen on the "Mathis Cam" a few times which shows him live during the program running the technical buddhism chatline position. He has been accused of working with the "trolls" trying to scrutinize Jonathon and his program. Mathis lives in Jonathan's mansion and he has leaked that buddhism chatline lives in a cage although it is unconfirmed whether that is true or not.

Mathis Miles came out as a Jeb Bush supporter and has remained one to this day even though Jeb Bush has dropped out of the race.

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He often reacts to prank calls by holding his mouth open very widely in disbelief. He buddhism chatline also also made what others have deemed to be inappropriate comments in response to some of the joke calls. Burke is currently undecided on who he wants as the president of the United States. He is known to be the definition of "smart ass" and is seen as unprofessional at many times on the program.

Chester Miles, the lighting deer, was born in Birmingham, AL, a product of incest. Hills was so impressed with Chester's experience as a lighting deer for Mexico-based, und productions of the musical "Annie" that he hired him immediately.

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Unfortunately, Chester was electrocuted during his first appearance on Feb. Mathis Miles wants Ben Carson to re-enter the presidential race as he believes we need a black president again. Chester is known to be a very calm and confused member who is also very shy. His family was tragically killed in a skiing accident. He lived on the streets making his money by teaching the people about Buddha and his majestic powers. One day Jonathon Hills was in Chicago doing a conversion call for one of his followers.

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He noticed someone in the street screaming Buddha come inside me at the top of their lungs. He immediately talked to Jeremy and discovered his mass wisdom in Buddhism and drove him home to the Buddhism Hotline headquarters where he now serves as a extra Co-Host. Jeremy is known for being very calm like Chester but is very firm in his beliefs. Gregory Pecks, PhD has claimed that he was a Mormon missionary partner with Jeremy Fox in the past but it has not been officially confirmed.

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Right now Jeremy Fox is serving a short sentence in jail for urinating on a local Christian Church but is expected to be on a recovery out. Joe Smalls, the Guest, was born on a southern farm in Kentucky. He was not supposed to be born but survived all odds and came out in a old barn house. He lived off the land for 15 years until Jonathon Hills picked him up off the side of the road and offered him his current job.

He is known for his crazy behavior on the program talking constantly. Although he has problems reading and writing he has put a lot of effort into Buddhism but still buddhism chatline off as a redneck. Common Memes from Show " Abuse" — Meme was created when the technical supervisor, Mathis Miles was claiming to be abused by the host, Jonathon Hills. Show Comments.

Dodge to the left then forward when she slashes sideways. Stay on the hind legs and keep focusing. When she jumps back just wait then dodge on the charge forward. Remember to the Okayu covenant before the buddhism chatline. The long-awaited Josh Fight happened today, and it was a smash hit, attracting hundreds buddhism chatline Josh's and not-Josh's alike to Lincoln, Nebraska for an epic pool noodle fight for charity.

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