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Chat friends maybe something more, Filipine woman seek chat friends maybe something more especially for love

Photo: Education Dynamics. Someone only counts as being in The Maybe Zone if they secretly, or explicitly, desire a relationship with the person in question, but remain frustrated in their efforts.

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By jasonthelambNovember 25, in Lifestyles and Relationships.

Years old: 26
What is my ethnicity: Canadian
Sexual orientation: I love male
Gender: Fem
Zodiac sign: Leo
I like to drink: My favourite drink champagne
What I like to listen: Hip hop
What is my hobbies: My hobbies riding a horse

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Get the conversation started

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Here are our steps to help you have a direct conversation about friendship issues. Before you do or say anything, think about what you want to achieve from this chat. Do you want to clear up a miscommunication, address an old argument or grudge, or set boundaries? Writing down what you want to say can help clarify your thoughts.

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The place and time of the conversation are important. A bit of privacy, and somewhere neutral where you both feel comfortable, will help ease any nerves. Also consider that it may come as a shock to the person.

2. you haven’t realized yet that making friends is like dating.

You might try to avoid having the conversation at a time when it will spoil a special occasion for them, such as around their birthday or before an exam. Your friend might be surprised at how you feel, or not know that their behaviour was affecting you negatively.

You might also be surprised to hear that something you did played a part. If you need time to think about it, let your friend know and agree to revisit the topic later. If one of you gets emotional or angry, take a breather. Five minutes for some fresh air or a walk around the block will help you to calm down.

1. you think making friends should “just happen.”

Treating each other with respect and kindness will help make this conversation a bit easier, and show that you both care about your friendship. At a certain point, and only you know where that is for yourself, it could be time to think about ending this friendship. Talking about friendship issues can be tough. It takes a lot of courage to take these steps. Think of other friends or family members you can hang out with when you need some company, and lock something in with them.

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What do you want? What if you hate confrontation? Write it down Writing down what you want to say can help clarify your thoughts.

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Time it right The place and time of the conversation are important. Can you do it over text? Get the conversation started Getting the conversation started can be the hardest part!

Create an or in to comment

Start by telling your friend why this convo is important to you. They might not realise that you feel this way. Tell them what you want to change.

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Respect goes a long way If one of you gets emotional or angry, take a breather. Look after yourself Talking about friendship issues can be tough.

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What can I do now? Here are some more tips to help you tackle difficult conversations. Learn how to end a toxic friendship. If chat friends maybe something more not ready to talk to your friend upfront, here's how you can deal with a toxic friendship.

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