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Online chat is one of the fastest growing areas of web right now, with Business Insider experts predicting that in80 percent of enterprises will use chatbots. With that being said, many B2B companies struggle with implementing chat. Will their technical audiences use it? What can chat be used for? How do you even get started with chat?

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US Cluster.

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Chat Help. Chat Rules.

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About Us. Chat Intro. Start Chat intro To start chatting, type a message in the input field near the bottom of the screen.

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This input field is selected automatically when you enter the chat and reselected after most commands. If there is not a cursor present in the input field, use your mouse or keyboard to select the input field.

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If you have no mouse you may have to use the [TAB] key to move the focus to the input field. Your message will then appear on the chat screen. If the input field is below the bottom of thethe window should pop down to the selected input field after the lo.

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Some newer browsers are more advanced and there will be no visible popdown or flash when the relo. If you are using frames mode the will auto-refresh every 20 seconds so you an see new messages posted by other chatters.

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We suggest you use frames it is faster and easier. New messages come in at the bottom of the screen and old messages will scroll off the top of the screen.

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If you keep getting the same screen repeatedly, turn off the buffering. Lynx users should note that the will be buffered and you will get the same screen unless you select the "POST" button and then hit the "x" key to submit your input without buffering.

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Chat Operators Operators are Alamak members. Each Op has a reserved nickname and enters the chat under that name.

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The reserved nick cannot be used by regular users. Operators have ' ' marks on each side of thier address. Ops help to ensure everyone has a fun and enjoyable chat.

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Simple Commands The chat has many commands, see the command help section but here's a couple. To send a private message here is an example Remember nicks are case sensitive, but there are two shortcuts to typing the full nick.

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If there is another nick 'hard' online use 'm hardt [message]' instead. So please, read furthur on our chat commands, it will really make your chatting experience easier and more fun! Commands in the chat start with a forward slash except chat intro the private message shortcut. Some commands are

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