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With iMeetzu you can meet new people and make new friends from all around the world instantly for free! Like many other apps, we connect you at random with the first available user for a text chat session.

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Toggle. Home About Contact. Website Information. Title Chatous - Random Chat. Text and video chat with new people description Chatous - random chat with real people from all over the world! Make friends with text or video chat twitter:card app twitter:description Meet new people and talk about the things that matter to you.

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Were you looking for Best Chat Sites like Chatous - A random chat website and chat app or finding online free alternatives to Chatous - A random chat website and chat app or may be finding sites similar to Chatous - A random chat website and chat app? below and stay tuned with best chat sites of Looking for a place to dump your worries and your words?

A random chat website like chatous is just right for serving this purpose.

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Live chat websites allow you to chat with strangers and meet new people online without costing you a penny. These websites have plenty of space for everyone. You can even anonymously and exchange texts and pictures with random people online. Take Talk with Stranger for an example. Our chat website aims to bring like-minded people together in chat rooms of their interest.

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If you are looking for safe chat roomsknow that our moderators are roaming around round the clock to ensure that everyone feels protected. It's like installing police to maintain law and order. Like Talk with Stranger, there are several other chat websites online that you can. One of these is Chatous. Chatous came into being back in Since then, the company has grown lots and has a chatous text chat lot of members today. The private company was founded by Caroline Chateau and has its headquarters based in Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania. Chatous allows users to send photos along with textual messages.

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It also has the video chat feature installed. If you are having trouble understanding how to use this app, you can always visit its FAQ for solving your queries. In case your questions are left unanswered, you can get in touch with Chatous customer service. If you are looking for a Chatous reviewyou can easily find several by posting a question about it on Quora or Yahoo.

If you are wondering is Chatous safe then know that that entirely chatous text chat on how you use the platform. Users describe the chat app to be a visual one where people want to look at each other's pictures and judge one another that way, which totally kills the purpose of anonymity. Chatous web version is not as user-friendly as its mobile app version. If you are looking for chatous text chat alternative for Chatous because you find it boring or a very hateful place to be, you can always Talk with Stranger. Ours is another chat website that aims to connect people from around the world.

Looking for the convenience of a chat website which has its own chat app? We have that as well. Chatous text chat TWS as well, you can engage in anonymous chat.

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Since it is a relatively new website, several people are ing in which means you get more people to talk chatous text chat. However, it is also not so overly-crowded so as to become chatous text chat bore as one message gets beneath others. What's more, you can register here for free and don't have to make any purchases once you download the app.

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In the case of Chatousthe smartphone app for this social networking site has in-app purchases. While this is good as it offers more features, it is bad also since the application is not entirely free. This can be pretty annoying as there are several features of the app that one is not able to explore since he is required to pay for them.

And, duhnot everyone is okay with paying. Particularly when there are so many chat websites out there that offer similar features for free. The same options of sharing pictures and engaging chatous text chat video chat are available on other live chat websites as well. However, regardless of which chat app and chat website you end up ing, don't forget to be smart with the details about yourself that you give out online.

Imagine sitting in a gathering of non-judgmental people, talking about whatever comes to your mind, making new friends and not having to worry about a thing. How easy would it be had only such entertainment centers existed? Because parties surely aren't anything like that.

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Sure, the idea of attending parties sounds fun but for how long? There come times when you just get bored of the same old people, cheering to the same old foolish topics, tossing taunts at one another. The worst part is that being available anywhere for fun these days has become equivalent to exposing yourself to judgment. And boy oh boy, judgements have gotten ruthless, so much more difficult to deal with!

While some of us have a thick-skin, not all do. In such cases, online chat websites are the best places to be. They give you the freedom to say whatever you want to, chatous text chat be whoever you want to. All the fun sans the consistent throbbing fear of being judged.

Chatting rooms are like virtual lounges where you can chat with like-minded people without having to change out of your pajamas. Which is the best part.

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You don't have to walk out of your comfort zone, you are never in awkward situations where you have to answer taunts or questions that you would rather not. Online chatting to strangers comes without the negative aspects that are associated with actual meetups.

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Wondering why online chat rooms have been created in the first place? Here's your answer:. With online chat roomsyou get an easy alternative to going out and actually making friends. There are moments in your life when you really don't want to meet new people in person. Staying back home and connecting with people online is a helpful option during such times. Rather than looking at the ceiling, counting seconds as they turn into minutes, it is better to connect with other people.

Think of chat on websites as a waste of time? It doesn't have to be. You can talk about interesting things such as books and movies.

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You can even discuss academic topics. Are you looking for more ways to market yourself? Influencers, musicians, and people coming from different talent-backgrounds can spread the word about themselves by getting to meet new people online and engaging in genuine conversations with them. No one should have to suffer any dull days all by himself.

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For moments when you are feeling your lowest, you can resort to chatting online. In chat roomsyou can share your emotions, your secrets without having to worry about being judged since you can anonymously.

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Bored of all the people around you because they don't share the same interests as you? Find people who get you and talk about the things that you enjoy talking about. From music to philosophy to more, chat websites have various chatting rooms so that you can enter one which you like. You know what's boring about dating websites?

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Love doesn't happen there, people are chasing romance. That can be boring since love that doesn't develop from friendship does not last that long. However, chat rooms for singles are different. Nothing is planned, and relationships are better. There are several reasons online chat is better than real chat. Sure, getting to meet new people and making friends in person is also fun and has its own perks. But it's not like online chatting comes without any pros in its arsenal.

There is so much to love about online chatting with strangers. Here are 8 things about chat websites that make them better:.

When you meet people in person, you have to change your clothes, put some scent on, ensure your hair is set and all that jazz. The thing about chat rooms online is that they don't require you to switch what you're wearing or get ready. By all means, chat in your PJs, and no one would raise an eyebrow. Chat rooms do not require you to get out of your comfort zone. If you don't like what someone is talking about, move to another chat room.

Chatous - a free chat avenue

In person, you often cannot outright ignore someone without making a fool out of your own self. Are you the sort of person who would rather whisper his words than announce them? Would you rather stay anonymous and stay free from judgement of all sorts? Chat websites like Talk with Stranger let you anonymouslya feature that you definitely can't avail in real life.

When you are standing in a group, discussing something that is boring you, you can't leave. You have to stand there and bear the conversationor you have to brew a good enough reason to excuse yourself. That's not the case when chatting online. You are free to vanish when you want to. Party's Saturday night and you are bored on Friday but engaged over the weekend? You'll have to adjust your routine.