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Are you searching for a cool weed chatroom, to meet like minded people? Then you have found the perfect spot.

Vancouver, British Columbia teen chat

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Welcome to Treeschat.

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We are community driven and supported by generous ents. Smoke weed.

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Make love not war. We are a very chilled out environment, so no purposeful trolling, taunting, annoying, poking, encouraging disputes, baiting people into arguments, disrupting the chatroom flow, etc. Treeschat is centered around acceptance and good vibes.

High there!

We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind including discriminatory jokes, racism, etc. Just remember that we all have our opinions and beliefs, so be respectful to all of the other users.

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If you have a conflict, complaint or you're being harassed by a chatter, get a screenshot and notify a mod via a private message. Also make sure to utilize the ignore function in chat and the hide link on individual cams as needed.

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Respect the integrity and prosperity of the community. No solicitation or asking for weed hookups of any kind. Also keep the following to a minimum while cammed up: video games, movies, videos, gifs, text, effects, wasting bandwidth and gratuitous nudity.

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Be polite and tactful with your text. If you have a lot to say to someone, try to reduce it to a single sentence or use private messages.

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No spamming, filling the chatroom with walls of text or using all caps. Come in, say hi, cam up, introduce yourself, etc.

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Lurking is annoying and run you the risk of being banned. Mods will enforce these guidelines with a devoice, kicks, bans, etc.

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Be respectful to the community, and if you get banned we expect you to weed smoking chat rooms it seriously. Also reconnecting while banned is considered ban evasion and can get you permabanned.

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Our community was on the verge of falling apart.